Having your furs professionally cleaned is essential to maintain shine and lustre of the garment, preserving the hide over time to maximize longevity.

Like our hair- pollution, chemicals and everyday grime are attracted to the garment’s natural oils and must be cleaned by a professional furrier on an annual basis. These garments should NEVER be dry cleaned.

Without proper care, the natural oils in fur and leather are lost, resulting in dried out and torn leather. When not attended to, these rips can result in difficult and costly repairs.

Pat Flesher is an independent and locally owned professional furrier since 1929. Owner Stewart are always available on-site, along with master furriers in the factory to inspect and clean your garments.

Our state-of-the-art technique begins with a careful inspection of the garment. Stains, perfume, smoke and unseen particles from the lining and fur are removed and essential oils are replaced to maintain the suppleness of the leather. A complete ‘glazing’ treatment is applied to bring back the shine of the garment.

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